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Custom-made Service
Creating “specificity” logistics experience with strong client autonomy; guaranteeing normal efficiency, free for night service and “customization” at any time; researching and developing “cross express client logistics system” for customers as to the cross-domain express; establishing client exclusive applied logistics system to realize the basic operation in business and learn about relevant information. Besides the custom-made service of “waiting for delivery notice, pick-up and delivery day and night for free and client exclusive logistics system”, the cross express has numerous extended services, such as signing receipt for free, payment collection service, pick-up commission, support value service, free MSG short message service and free waterproof packaging.
The satisfaction of users is an unceasing process, as the requirements of customers vary with the production process, product and customer base. The suppliers should keep up with the changing requirements in order to maintain the customer satisfaction. The rapid development of modern science and technology makes the online trading possible. The logistics service providers can provide customers with perfecter service and more convenient collection of user information in virtue of the application of various logistics software and logistics platforms.
Added Value
Taking advantage of the advanced logistics technology to plan and implement the logistics activities, such as transportation, warehousing, loading and carrying, distribution processing, delivery and packaging for the purpose to reduce environmental pollution and resource consumption. As there is time difference for the “thing” to get to the demander from the supplier, it is called “time value”that created for changing the time difference. In the meantime, there is space difference from the supplier to the demander and they tend to stay in the different spaces. It is called “space value” that created for changing the space difference.