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What size of company are we?
    [Nisshin Global Logistics (Shanghai)Co.,ltd](called as [Nisshin] for short hereinafter) is a company founded in November 2006 .Parent company Nisshin Transportation Co., Ltd.(called as [Nisshin Transportation]for short hereinafter) has entered Chinese market as early as 1980s, and it owned 7 business entities whitch are joint ventures and sole corporations.[ Nisshin] has 130,000 square meters of distribution processing centers and logistics warehouses in China.
    [Nisshin] provides services as domestic transportation, international freight forwarding, customs clearance,
commodity inspection, warehousing and bonded logistics business etc.,and can provide customers with comprehensive integrated logistics services.Also as Hitachi logistics group in one of China's strategic stronghold, its business scope from domestic shipping to international freight forwarding, customs clearance, commodity inspection, warehousing, bonded logistics business and so on. [Nisshin] can provide comprehensive logistics services for customers. At the same time, [Nisshin] also has an International Trade Company, which is committed to promoting the coordinated development of international trade and financial logistics and provides customers who need trade and related needs with professional supports.




What is our corporate culture?
   [Nisshin] adheres to the principle of "integrity, efficiency, innovation". [Nisshin] pursues excellence, professionalism and provides forward-looking and intimate services for customers. [Nisshin] is committed to building an integrated logistics enterprise which starts from a high starting point, specialized in international freight forwarding business, customs clearance, inspection, warehousing and distribution processing.
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