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Cross-border E-commerce (B2C)
Relying on the long-term cooperative relationship with overseas agent network all over the world and many air express companies in China, after the customer makes an order on the E-commerce platform engaged in import and export commodities, we take over the goods from the purchaser abroad according to the order and deliver the commodities to China in the safe, rapid and cheap transportation mode. After customs clearance, the commodity will be sent to customers in the way of express. Nisshin saves the related cost in logistics, customs clearance and taxes and dues for the E-commerce companies and guarantees the efficient, cheap and quick freight process.
International Trade (B2B)
As the international economic interchange gets more and more frequent, the logistic development has become one of the primary trends of international economy and trade. Our company provides professional international trade business service, rich and flexible transportation mode and diversified point of shipment and destinations.
Inland Transportation
Our company establishes a series of goods collection and distribution, storage and transportation and distribution centers in virtue of the advantages of highway transportation network. We provide customers with the solutions integrating logistics and information flow so as to improve the supply system efficiency of customers. We make use of the most resources to promote the core competence of the industry.
Frontier Trade

In two types:

Border Mutual Trade: the mode of trade for personal act of purchase and sale of the borders. Borders of the two countries buy or sell the commodities permitted to be exchanged in the regulated open place or appointed bazaar with the money no more than the stipulated amount.

Frontier Petty Trade: referring to the small-amount trades between the foreign trade corporation in the border region and the trading department or corporation in the border region of the neighboring country.