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What is the specific business of our international freight forwarder

International Logistics Department provides air transport, maritime transport, multimodal transport, engineering logistics and other full range of door-to-door cross-border station integrated logistics services for customers, and provides truck short barge, yard, spell warehouse, customs inspection and other professional services in various ports.
Team Introduction
     Our international logistics department was established in January 2007. The team members who are young and dynamic focus on customer servicein accordance with the principle of faithful service upmost. We pursue to win our strategic partners through our intimate service, and to win the trust through our reputation. To regard perseverance to solve problems for the customers as our guidance. Rapid response, innovative services.
FWD Characteristic Services
Mature and low-priced Sino-Japan route
Effective and safe South-East Asia route
Door to Door Taiwan route
High quality EURO,USA route
7 kinds of professional skills and characteristic services of our logistics department
China⇔Overseas“one-step transportation”
Load in factory; customs declaration; take delivery at the port one-step transportation
H.D.S quick clearance service
i.e. prompt delivery. Quick clearance, prompt discharge; picking up goods arriving at the port quickly
LCL service 
Provide LCL service when the goods are in a small amount, cut the cost and ensure the quality
“CARGO CARE” Customs Examination  
Coordinate with customs examination, for ensuring safety, with all-the-way tracking with photos
Store one-step+delivery service 
Our storehouse in ShangHai covers 8000 square metres;Seamless transportion with no risk
HS CODE Classifying Service
Load in factory; customs declaration; take delivery at the port one-step transportation
China⇔Overseas“one-step transportation”
Provide professional HS CODE classification services
Wide coverage of  branch networks