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What is the specific business of our third party Inspection
There are 17 logistics centers of Nisshin in China, with about 900 employees and 130 thousand square meters of total operating area! Our company provides distribution processing services such as quality inspection, sorting, labeling, inventory etc. according tocustomers’ personalized needs; develops process and startsInspectionaccording to customers’ instructions!
Our Services
Inspection, sampling and travel goods needle detection for clothing, knitwear, sweaters, bedding, groceries, footwear;
distribution processing services including color (branch) packaging, collocation, etc.;
Outside view: scars, rupture, stains, color difference, symmetry etc.;
Dyeing: printing spot, dyeing spot, fading, etc; 
Sewing: shell-off, needle, broken, jumper, fastener, crease, Leakage of needle suture deviation, purse, etc.;
Finishing: ironing burns, aurora, feather processing, thread, accessories etc.;
Size: overall length, neck width, waistline, sleeve length, bottom width, hipline, etc.;
Others:Random inspection according to contrast of accessories, tag and brand and identification, packaging, clothes folding method of the country of origin; needle of broken needle, metal, etc., X ray detection; metal detection;
Distribution processing
Collocation, packaging, packing according to clothing size, style, color, quantity, etc ;
Split charging by shops according to information provided by customers,then direct sending to shop in Japan;
Warehousing & Deposition (IN and EX-warehouse, Domestic transportation integration)