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What is the specific business of our bonded logistics
Nisshin bonded logistics business includes 7 items, namely the import and export business, consolidation business, warehousing business, domestic business, entrepot trade, distribution processing, and international exhibition.
Business content
Import and export business
The import and export in the park is equivalent to the overseas import and export
LCL business
The goods of the consignor shall be exported to the logistics park, and exported to overseas in the logistics park
Warehousing business
Bonded warehouse management of import / export goods
Domestic business
China processing plant logistics park (the right to transfer goods to foreign enterprises A) - China's domestic distribution
Entrepot trade
Foreign goods and domestic production of goods in the logistics park after the fight to the outside or domestic shipments
Distribution processing
In the logistics park can be affixed label, sorting, packaging, repair and other operations
International Exhibition
Logistics park can be carried out in the exhibition activities (bonded)